Travel Medium Wedding Dress Box for slender dresses

Product Details

Suitable for transporting a straight slender styled dress, without a long train. This box fits neatly in overhead lockers of most major airlines, but do check the dimensions with your airline hand luggage requirements.

The Travel Medium Wedding Dress Box comes with a clever cord handle system that holds the lid on the box as your walk. Beautiful and stylish, plus extremely sturdy, you can be reassured that you dress is well protected, even if someone crashes into you with a cup of coffee, unlike some of the flimsier travel boxes available.

Our boxes are also designed to last the lifetime of your dress; as with all of our Wedding Dress & Travel Boxes, you can preserve and keep your wedding dress in it after the day, and all boxes come with acid free tissue paper, details on how to pack your dress, advice on storage after the day, and a beautiful “Handmade in England” tag.

Dimensions: 36 x 48 x 11 cm (high)

Weight: 1.65kg
This product can be customised with calligraphy. Click on Calligraphy and add the name/s or words you would like, in the comments box. This will be uniquely hand written by our calligrapher on the inside of the lid of your box.

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