Environmentally Friendly Wedding Dress Boxes

All our boxes are handmade in our workshop in Devon, and we source our materials from the UK or as near as possible, to ensure the global mileage of creating our product is small. We constantly strive to reduce our carbon footprint; to recycle, reuse and reduce wherever possible. You can rest assured you are buying an environmentally friendly, creative product, that does not cost the earth, and you are supporting a British made product; art in industry in the UK.

Whilst we work hard to give our children a good future we forget to leave them a world rich in the resources we have enjoyed. If we show how to utilise what is renewable, recyclable and reclaimable, the gain to the earth is a gift to the next generation.

We use approx 100 tonnes of recycled board per year which helps to keep the recycled paper industry thriving!

Recycled board is stripped of its acidic qualities the further down the recycling process it is. Our board is then tested for pH neutral status (neither acid nor alkali) so that it is perfect for preventing your dress from discolouring, yellowing or spotting.

We recycle our left over papers and ribbon. If you would like a box of “left over” items for craft purposes e.g pieces of ribbon, interior design papers, cord, inner reels, please order from us either via our website or telephone (01306) 740193 at just £2.50 plus £2.95 postage and we will send you a box full! (Add Craft Box to your shopping cart)

A selection of offcuts of Interior design papers in our Craft bags!

The Empty Box Company provides jobs for artistic enthusiastic individuals. Our staff work in an inspiring creative atmosphere located in rural areas, sustaining art in industry and green employment in countryside.

The Empty Box Company is a finalist in the Carbon Footprint Awards South West.

Our Environmental Policy is as follows

The Empty Box Company has been producing hand made wedding dress boxes of the highest quality since its inception in 1988. We understand the environmental impacts of our activities and commit to continuously reducing them by:

  1. Lowering our electricity consumption by adopting energy efficiency measures
  2. Reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill through recycling and composting
  3. Minimising our water consumption by adopting water saving measures
  4. Reducing our transport related carbon footprint by keeping car journeys to a minimum
  5. Making environmentally sound purchasing decisions by buying locally whenever possible
  6. Meeting the regulatory requirements relevant to our business
  7. Continuously making staff aware of the business’s drive to implement positive environmental change
  8. Offset the carbon that we cannot ourselves reduce through local tree planting projects
  9. The Empty Box Company funding its own Tree planting, Rewilding & Wildflower Meadow project. So far approx 120 trees have been planted and nurtured!
  10. Endorsing the Devon Climate Declaration Devon Climate Declaration – Devon Climate Emergency

For further details of our Environmental journey as a business, please contact giselle@emptybox.co.uk