Your Questions Answered

What is special or different about the boxes?

10 Reasons Why Our Boxes Are Extra Special:

  1. A Highly Protective Box—extremely sturdy & strong to provide proper protection from light, dust, insects, disaster for the years to come,
  2. Our Unique pH neutral board provides an acid free environment—this prevents discoloration (yellowing)
  3. Handmade in the UK, not made by machine, and hand finished with lace & ribbon attached and with tissue provided inside.
  4. A Breathable Box, that allowing for changes in humidity, unlike plastic covers.
  5. A Natural Preserving Environment to keep any item; no harmful chemicals involved.
  6. Simply Stunning, especially made for you—no other box you find will be quite so beautiful, well made & in your choice of design.
  7. Produced in the UK, not abroad, by skilled craft persons. Our materials are also sourced from the UK
  8. Environmentally Friendly—made from 100 % recycled board, with production & materials having a minimum global footprint
  9. Ready to take the dress, complete with acid free tissue, How to Pack guide and storage advice
  10. Romantic– your most treasured of dresses, or any precious item, needs to be kept in a box that befits its importance, made to last.

How do I know which size Wedding Dress Box to choose?

This is a quick way to decide which size of box you might need for your wedding dress. Lay your dress on a bed, fold the bodice over the skirt and tuck in the sides. If the dress has a train, fold this back over the skirt before laying the bodice over the top. Press down any layers gently, as you don’t want to be storing lots of air! Now measure the dimensions of your dress, particularly the height if choosing between the Standard and the Extra Large, or when choosing between the Extra Large and the Hollywood Heights. For the Medium and the Prom size you will need to fold the dress twice, like an “s” shape. Once at thigh level and again above the waist. If you are still unsure, you are welcome to send a couple of photos of your wedding dress (include a back and front view) to for experienced advice.

Does my Box come with acid free tissue?

All the boxes come with acid free tissue in varying amounts depending on the size and purpose of the box, with the exception of CD type storage box. Boxes are finished as shown in product photo unless otherwise requested.

How do I know how to pack my Dress in the Wedding Dress Box?

Every wedding dress box comes with step by step details on how to pack your dress, plus tips on keeping your wedding dress box. We are always happy to help you with particular storage advice. Please see our information video on “How to Pack a dress in a Wedding Dress Box” (click below) It is very important to choose a proper Wedding Dress Box, as just packing your dress with tissue paper in a normal box will not be sufficient.

My Dress Has a Large Train. Will it require a box with lots of space, for example as much as many petticoats?

No, trains can fold down quite neatly, whereas petticoats can be quite bulky and need a Box with plenty of height such as The Extra Large. However a very large train will require careful packing. Here are some tips:

Lie the skirt of the wedding dress in the box first, face down with bodice out of the box, and spread the train out over the box. Then gently fold the train back in over the skirt, creating neat layers of fabric, using the acid free tissue paper in between. Press down gently to remove air. Then lie the bodice back over the train and skirt so that it is face up and you can see the front of the dress. If your dress has more than 2 layers of petticoat it will need an Extra Large size Box.

How quickly will my box come?

Each box is made individually but we do have plenty that are “ready to go.”

To minimise the time for your box to arrive, select Fast Track (upgraded carriage) option when ordering or you can choose from our “Ready to Go” designs. This should result in your box arriving within a few days, but please do tell us if you have a deadline date.

Alternatively, your order usually takes 1-2 weeks. Orders are made by hand, & at busy times of year, we do ask for your patience that you may be in a workshop queue, especially in the busy wedding season, and each box is made to order. Orders with calligraphy can take 1-2 weeks longer than those without, when demand is high.

Why choose a Wedding Dress Box?

The Wedding Dress Box protects your dress in the most traditional and natural way possible, by helping to prevent the potentially harmful effects of our surroundings from reaching your dress.

The Wedding Dress Box is made from specially milled pH neutral board, which means it does not contain acid or alkali. Most items around us, such as wood, cardboard of a normal box, dyes in fabrics, all contain acid. If a wedding dress is in contact with such items, the acid will affect the fabric and cause “yellowing” or discolouration to appear after several years. The Wedding Dress Box, combined with the acid free tissue will provide a pH neutral and safe environment in which to keep your dress.

Unlike plastic covers The Wedding Dress Box allows the fabrics of the dress to breathe. Plastic covers can have a harmful effect on your dress over a long period of time.

The box protects from light and dust which can fade or mark the dress, and its strong durable board and paper can provide excellent protection against any untoward accident.

Because The Wedding Dress Box is the most beautiful and romantic way that you will find to preserve your wedding dress, there is no longer a need to store in the attic. Your Dress Box can be kept as a pretty feature in the bedroom, and this in itself will keep your dress in a more stable temperature and reliable environment.

Please see Do’s and Don’ts for further information.

Why Choose a Box from The Empty Box Company?

We hope you can tell from our photos and from our testimonials that our boxes are absolutely gorgeous, and of the very highest quality for your dress. They are actually very unique as there are no other boxes like them! Made by hand using special pH neutral Board, and are extremely sturdy. Other boxes are made by machine from thin card type board and are very flimsy. They simply will not do a sufficient job of protecting your dress. Also the board must be acid and alkali free (pH neutral) otherwise your dress will begin to discolour within a few months. Our boxes are individually hand crafted, taking time to make carefully, but by very experienced staff, and we aim to keep them very competitively priced and as affordable as possible, simply by using efficient workshop techniques and planning. They also do not cost the earth, as our board is 100% recycled. We are extremely experienced and have been making boxes & preserving dresses for 28 years.

I need to Tie the ribbon on my box. Can you help?

Yes, we can! Here is a video on How to Tie a Bow by The Empty Box Company. Click here:

I do not live in the UK. Can I still order a box?

Yes, many of the boxes we make are sent to Europe, USA and all over the world. To find shipping costs: Visit the shopping basket and select your country in the drop down list and this will give you the postage for your parcel. If you cannot find your country/area it might be that shipping is expensive but please do contact us with the size of box you require and we can give you an accurate quote for shipment. For Countries in Europe our Website has been translated into four different languages and payment is available in Euro’s.

For Germany visit

For France visit

For Spain visit

For Italy visit

For Australia please visit our partner The Dress Box Co at

Can I convert the prices on your website into my own currency? (e.g. euro’s, dollars, etc)

If you would like to convert the prices on the website or your shopping cart total to your local currency please use the link below:

Latest Reviews

I have recently received my order from you, and would just like to thank you all so much for my wedding dress box. It was a surprise to see such a wonderful designed box, which had a lot of storage space. I have searched high and low for a large box and have only been successful with yourself.
Very rarely in this busy world we lead do I feel strongly enough to put “pen to paper” however having taken delivery of my wedding dress travel box this morning I feel compelled to write to you! I must admit that initially, I hesitated about placing an order for what seemed effectively like just an empty box. Well, I stand corrected! The box is absolutely stunning and of amazing quality – I simply had to express my thanks for supplying such a beautiful product. Rest assured it will be displayed with pride on top of my wardrobe.
Wow! What a beautiful box for my wedding dress. It was so sad to pack my dress away, but your box was just perfect. My Mum thought I was ordering just an ordinary plain box! No way! Thank you so much.
I just wanted to send a big thank you for my lovely wedding dress box, which I received last week. I am very impressed by the attention to detail – from the quality beautiful box itself, to the way in which it was packed to ensure it arrived in pristine condition. All for a very reasonable price! My dress fits perfectly inside and the box has pride of place in my wardrobe.
Just wanted to write and say how pleased I am with my Wedding Dress Box, my dress fits perfectly and the design (essence gold) is exactly in keeping with my wedding colour scheme. The dress box is so good, I’ve just ordered a tiara box to match!
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