Wedding Travel Extra for BA & Easyjet flights

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British Airways will take all our sizes of Wedding Travel Box (except Travel Standard) but The Wedding Travel Extra is if you require the maximum amount of hand-luggage space for a full skirted dress. Easy Jet will also take this size but you must book an Up Front or Extra Legroom seat. Please note this size is only allowed by British Airways & Easyjet as it is too large for most other hand-luggage requirements.  The Travel Extra is suitable for full skirted dresses with petticoat, that need as large a box volume as possible, to take through as hand luggage. Each Box comes with plenty of acid free tissue paper to pack your dress with, plus detailed instructions on How to pack and store your dress. All our boxes are extremely sturdy & suitable to store your dress in after the day. You might like to see our Taking a Dress Abroad Tips

Please note: You will only be allowed this box as hand luggage if you are flying with British Airways or booked as above with Easyjet.

Dimensions: 45 x 55 x 25cm (high), Weight - 3kg

Extras: This product can be customised with calligraphy. Click on Calligraphy and add the name/s or words you would like, in the comments box. This will be uniquely hand written by our calligrapher on the inside of the lid of your box.

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