Travel Easy Wedding Dress Box in Shira Emerald – Ready to Go (Copy)

Product Details

Especially designed for Easyjet flights, 40 x 50 x 20cm (high), Weight – 2.3kg, who now allow slightly larger hand-luggage requirements, (45 x 56 x 25 cm if you select an upfront or Extra Legroom seat but these measurements must include handles and wheels ) so the Travel Easy will fit comfortably & give you no worries, so long as you select upfront or Extra Legroom seat.

(You can also bring a smaller bag maximum size of 45 x 36 x 20 cm (including any handles or wheels) and needs to fit under the seat in front of you.)

The Travel Easy is similar in volume to The Travel Maxi and you can preserve and keep your wedding dress in it after the day, and comes with acid free tissue paper, details on how to pack your dress, advice on storage after the day, and a beautiful “Handmade in England” tag.

Our ready to go products are still handmade in our workshop, but can be dispatched immediately in one design only. The Travel Easy ‘Ready to Go’ Wedding Dress Box is in the Shira Emerald design, currently the “in colour” on Etsy!. For a choice of designs please see our Wedding Dress Boxes section, with longer despatch times.


Dimensions: 40 x 50 x 20cm (high), Weight - 2.3kg - Please check measurements with your chosen airline


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