Bridal Headpiece Box

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A headpiece, such as the one worn by Katherine, Princess of Wales, at the King’s coronation, needs a very special box to be kept in. As does a wedding headpiece or large hair comb, or floral headdress need just such a special box to protect it. Our Headpiece Boxes are extremely sturdy, made from pH neutral (acid & alkali free board). Available as Circular or Square, they have a lift off lid, with ribbon included tied to a bow, and trimmed with lace inside, plus acid free tissue paper. Ready to treasure any headwear worn on such a unique day, or suitable to enclose and protect any cherished item. It is best to keep a headpiece separately from your wedding dress, and a fresh flower headdress needs to be dried first before placing in a box to keep.

Dimensions: Circular: 25 cm (diameter) x 9 cm (high), Square: 25 x 25 x 9 cm (high)
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