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Do your children love to dress up? But do the dressing up clothes end up everywhere? We have a marvellous solution of a gorgeous Dressing Up Box, covered in a memorable design of your choice, which will be the “Go To Box of Excitement” for children or grandchildren! Be it a Belle dress or a Pirate costume, they can all be popped away in this user friendly, large sized Dressing Up Box. Comes with ribbon tied to the lid, with an “easy to lift” child-friendly lid.

We also make beautiful Toy Boxes.

Dimensions: 50 x 75 x 25cm (high)

Extras: This product can be customised with calligraphy. Click on Calligraphy and add the name/s or words you would like, in the comments box. This will be uniquely hand written by our calligrapher on the inside of the lid of your box.

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