Why Choose One of Our Wedding Dress Boxes?

Apart from being the most Beautiful Boxes you will find, here are 10 Reasons Why Our Boxes Are Extra Special:

  1. A Highly Protective Box — extremely sturdy & strong to provide proper protection from light, dust, insects, disaster for the years to come,
  2. Our Unique pH neutral board provides an acid free environment—this prevents discoloration (yellowing)
  3. Handmade in the UK, not made by machine, and hand finished with lace & ribbon attached and with tissue provided inside.
  4. A Breathable Box, that allowing for changes in humidity, unlike plastic covers.
  5. A Natural Preserving Environment to keep any item; no harmful chemicals involved.
  6. Simply Stunning, especially made for you — no other box you find will be quite so beautiful, well made & in your choice of design.
  7. Produced in the UK, not abroad, by skilled craft persons. Our materials are also sourced from the UK
  8. Environmentally Friendly — made from 100 % recycled board, with production & materials having a minimum global footprint
  9. Ready to take the dress, complete with acid free tissue, How to Pack guide and storage advice
  10. Romantic — your most treasured of dresses, or any precious item, needs to be kept in a box that befits its importance, made to last.

No other company in the UK, or in the world, makes Wedding Dress Boxes like The Empty Box Company. They are made by hand in our workshop in the Surrey Hills by our trained artistic team, from the finest materials available, including rigid pH neutral board for a beautiful sturdy box that is ready to receive, and protect your wedding dress or special item.

Other boxes tend to be made by machine, or are shipped from abroad, or are made from corrugated cardboard. Here at The Empty Box Company we believe something a little more sufficient and special is required to provide protection for a lifetime, and hence our unique way of making your box.