Wedding Travel Box Tips

Having created the Wedding Travel Box, The Empty Box Company has some useful tips and information to pass on, including the hand luggage requirements of major airlines.

Travel Maxi in Vintage Rose Floral design, very sturdy box with cord handle to take a wedding dress as hand luggage on a plane by The Empty Box Company

When marrying abroad, most brides want to take their dress through as hand luggage so that they ensure the dress stays with them at all times during the journey.

The Empty Box Company Wedding Travel Box is a beautiful, romantic, sturdy and pH neutral box, and unlike a corrugated box, our Wedding Travel Box will protect from crushing in overhead lockers, spillage of e.g coffee, untoward accident, leakage from other luggage and changes in humidity.

The following information may answer some queries you have:

  1. Check with your airline that the dimensions of your Wedding Travel Box (Medium or Maxi) fit within their hand luggage requirements. The airline hand luggage table may be helpful. If the dimensions required are smaller than our recommended Wedding Travel Maxi or Wedding Travel Medium, do not despair; we have a Wedding Travel Midi Box for restricted requirements.
  2. Check that your dress style will fit in the Wedding Travel Box. The Travel Maxi Box is the maximum size you will be allowed to take. If your dress is very full you will need this maximum size and you may need to press the air out of the net petticoats.* If your wedding dress is slim and straight in style it should fit in the Wedding Travel Medium Box.
  3. Most creases in transportation should not be permanent. Once you arrive at your hotel hang the dress for a day or two if possible. It is likely your hotel will have a pressing service, if required. The Wedding Travel Box comes with plenty of acid free tissue paper (and instructions) which softens any creases as you pack.
  4. The Wedding Travel Box is finished with a clever cord handle system that holds the lid on the box as you carry the handle. It is sent out to you in an outer protective bag, foam sheet and box.
  5. For further enquires please do not hesitate to contact us on (01306) 740193, or email