Christenings and Family Heirlooms

Organising a christening is a momentous occasion that marks not only a spiritual milestone but also celebrates a new chapter in a family’s story. That was very true for us, as I organised my daughter’s christening in April. Not only is she the first grandchild on both my side and my husband’s side, but she is also the first of the new generation in my entire family, i.e. all of my parents’ siblings are yet to be grandparents. So it was a really symbolic day for us, as it felt like an official representation of the start of the new generation (though I am very excited for all my cousins to start their own families – who doesn’t love an influx of babies!). 

At the heart of this cherished ceremony is the christening robe, a symbol of purity and continuity that often becomes a treasured heirloom passed down through generations. The christening robe that my daughter wore, was made over 130 years ago, in 1890, for my Great-Grandfather (my daughter’s Great-Great-Grandfather). The robe in question was worn by my Great-Grandfather as his ‘day dress’, then by my Grandmother and her two sisters as their christening robe, then my mum and her three siblings, followed by me, my two brothers, and one of my cousins. And now has been worn by my daughter, marking 5 generations of use so far! Recognising the importance of preserving these precious memories, and a timeless (and priceless) robe, our beautifully handcrafted christening boxes offer an ideal solution to protect and cherish this special dress for years to come. How amazing would it be if we could have a 6th and 7th generation of using it, getting it to the 200-year-old mark!

As I learnt, organising a christening is not a task for the faint-hearted. It’s not an event anyone wants to miss, but equally it is not planned far in advance like a wedding, therefore finding a date that works for everyone proves tricky. We were lucky enough that the church could accommodate a ‘reception’ afterwards, so finding two separate venues was not necessary, and my lovely Auntie was able to take the service as she is a vicar in a parish not too far away from where the christening was held. Luckily, though, I didn’t have to deal with the stress of the christening robe. My mum had it at her house and brought it back to life with a bit of spot-cleaning, before bringing it to me on the morning of the christening, of course carefully wrapped in tissue paper, lying in a beautiful gold christening robe box.

The Empty Box Company Christening Robe Box Blog Post

Handmade in the serene landscapes of Devon, our christening boxes are a testament to the expertise and dedication to quality that our brand stands for. The timeless design of our boxes complements the elegance of any christening robe, making them not just storage solutions but a part of the celebration itself. Incorporating one of our christening boxes into your family’s ceremony adds a layer of intentionality to the event. It signifies a commitment to safeguarding the memories and heritage that the christening robe represents. As the robe is carefully placed within the box, it is not merely stored away; it is enshrined, ready to tell its story to future generations. This act transforms the christening into a legacy, embedding the values and bonds of your family into a tangible, preserved heritage.

A christening day is not for everyone, but if it is something you are considering for your little one, I couldn’t be more in favour of doing one! It is a very unique celebration, and for a lot of people it is often the first time they introduce the baby to the wider family. I grew up knowing all about my christening day, as it was obviously a very special milestone to my parents, and now I can completely understand why. I look forward to telling our daughter all about her special day, and showing her the photos for years to come! 

You can browse our christening robe boxes here, and choose from any of our beautiful designs. I also recommend getting calligraphy done on the lid, including all the names of the babies who have worn the robe and the dates of their christenings, to be added to as the years go by. 

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