Valentine’s Day Special Offer on Wedding Dress Boxes!

Some things are worth treasuring, and a wedding dress is one of them. (As well as your partner, of course!)

Sadly, all too often, after the wedding day, a wedding dress is left hanging in a wardrobe, as brides are unsure how to keep it safely, or what to do to protect & preserve the dress, just hoping it will be fine. Unfortunately, white, ivory or pale coloured dresses can discolour in just a few months, depending on how they are kept.

So despite it being possibly the most beautiful dress you will ever wear; the day you felt like a Princess, you felt a million dollars, you turned everyone’s heads, you heard a “Gasp” or “Ahhhh” as you walked down the aisle, is your gorgeous wedding dress being a little forgotten about, after the day?

Don’t worry, The Empty Box Company is here!

Traditional Standard Wedding Dress Box in Yukata Gold by The Empty Box Company

It is never too late to store your dress properly. You can buy a gorgeous box from The Empty Box Company, to keep and preserve your wedding dress, and the moment that you felt your most beautiful. Our wedding dress boxes will protect and preserve your dress, preventing the colour from yellowing or changing, in the most romantic box you will ever find. And for Valentine’s day we have a special discount offer of 10% just for you, on Wedding Dress Boxes. Type VAL24 in our shopping basket.

Wedding Dress Boxes

Browse our wedding dress box page, for different sizes and designs, and please do email for size advice if required! (a photo or two of your dress is very helpful!)