Top Twelve Tips For Storing Your Wedding Dress After The Day

Imagine taking your wedding dress out, or a special evening gown, to show your children and it is as perfect & white (or pure in colour) as the day you wore it? Believe it or not, this is easy to achieve! Giselle Hulme, director and founder of The Empty Box Company, has been making Wedding Dress Boxes for 35 years, and has some top storage tips for keeping your dress perfect after the wedding! Even if you are thinking of selling your dress, it needs to be stored well for the next bride and selling may take a while!

  1. Have your dress cleaned by a Dry Cleaner that specialises in cleaning wedding dresses. Even if you cannot see stains now, they do show up in time.
  2. Don’t keep it in the wardrobe, as it may become crumpled, and pulled on the hanger.
  3. Remove your dress from a plastic dress cover (a cotton duvet cover is better temporarily) as a plastic dress cover will disintegrate in time and leave harmful particles on your dress.
  4. Purchase a special pH neutral Wedding Dress Box in which to put your dress, such as those made by The Empty Box Company. A normal box will caused yellowing within months;
  5. The box also needs to be really well made & sturdy to protect your dress properly.
  6. Choose a box you love! The box and dress will be with you for many years!
  7. Pack the dress carefully with acid free tissue, placing it between the layers. A good wedding dress storage box should provide this with packing instructions. (All our wedding dress boxes do at The Empty Box Company)
  8. Separate your dress from other items e.g. shoes, tiara, as these are all made of different materials that could affect your dress.
  9. Avoid keeping your dress in the attic, even in a box, as there will be humidity changes, damp & insects.
  10. Keep the Wedding Dress Box in a dry spare room, away from light, heat and damp.
  11. Enjoy your dress! Take it out from time to time, as this helps any creases not become too permanent, and remember that special day!
  12. After one of the most special days of your life, you have just your photos, your dress (and a gorgeous husband, of course!) but looking after them properly keeps those memories safe!

Top Twelve Tips for Storing your Dress after the Wedding Day was written by Giselle Hulme, director of The Empty Box Company hand-making wedding dress boxes for 35 years. Copyright © The Empty Box Company