Wedding Planning Mistakes

Planning your wedding can be an overwhelming time, and it’s hard to know which decisions are the best ones for your day. Our in-house Qualified Wedding Planner, Bethany, has her top 3 wedding planning mistakes that people make, so you can avoid them!

Wedding Planning Mistakes – Choosing a Cheap Photographer

This is not to say that a photographer who is expensive is automatically good, and a photographer who is cheap is automatically bad… BUT! Your photographs are one of the most important parts of your wedding because they are one of the only things you have once the wedding day is over. 

So, when choosing a photographer DO NOT base your choice on price. It is much better to take a little bit of your budget from somewhere else in your wedding to get the photographer you want. 

Part 2 – Not Providing Enough Food and/or Drink

One of the main things people will remember from your wedding day is the food and the booze, so getting this right is pretty important! The specifics will vary for each wedding, but as a general rule of thumb you’ll want canapes with the drinks reception, a 3-course meal, and evening food, to make sure everyone has enough to eat across the day.

In terms of drinks, the non-negotiables are reception drinks & wine with the main meal (provided & paid for by you). If you want to really make sure everyone is taken care of, I would speak to your venue/caterers about providing unlimited reception drinks (remember this is a maximum of 2 hours so there are only so many drinks your guests will have during this time!). There is nothing worse than guests having to start paying for their drinks before they’ve even had the meal because the reception drinks have run out. 

Evening drinks are trickier and based more on personal preference (and what your venue allows). I wouldn’t necessarily recommend a free bar all night because there is a lot of wastage when people aren’t paying for their own drinks at this point in the evening. What I would recommend is subsidising the bar so guests are paying for their drinks but the prices are cheaper, or putting money behind the bar (and once the money is gone, guests start paying for their drinks). There are other fun things you can do like drinks tokens or free ‘lounge areas’ with a paid bar, and the evening is a great time to get a little creative with what you can offer!

And Finally… Not Trusting your Suppliers

Your suppliers are professionals! Trust them, they do this for a living! Sometimes (often!) you can have an idea of what you want your day to look like, what you want to offer, what you want your flowers to be, how you want your tables to look etc, but sometimes ideas are not actually practical in reality/implementing them into your wedding. So if you get advice from one of your suppliers… take it! Because they are professionals and they do this potentially every week of the year, plus it’s part of what you’re paying them for.


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