Working From Home?

Office Collection Set in Delft Flower by The Empty Box Company

Make your Work Space into a Good Place to Be!

Life has thrown us new challenges! Have you been trying to work at home, with children, paperwork & bills mixed with school work & no pens to be found? Time to tidy up your desk, get organised, yet inspired at the same time, with our creative & vibrant Office Collection for your office at home & desk space. Let’s get organised!

Although we think we are paperless, there are always items we want to keep; recent post, useful magazines, important papers: Visit our collection of really “feel good” office tidy products,  that will focus your mind.

Office Collection in Eden Springtime The Empty Box Company

Our Office products are all hand made in the UK, from beautiful interior design papers, eco-friendly recycled pH neutral board (to prevent yellowing of anything kept inside) & with no plastic in sight!

We can make you In-trays, Paperwork trays, Box files, Magazine Holders, Wastepaper Bins, and Ring binders, all in a stunning matching design of your choice.  If you want the Complete Collection as shown in the photo above, to get you totally sorted, we have a Special Offer for 10% discount. See our special offers page

Give your office space a make-over; create an inspirational vibe to work in, as well as becoming impressively organised!