The Pursuit of Love

Spot the boxes in this trailer of the brilliant BBC TV series The Pursuit of Love! Featuring the gorgeous Lily James (who has come across our boxes before when she played “Rose” in Downton Abbey) and her life, loves and adventures with her cousin Fanny. This is a hugely entertaining adaptation, by Emily Mortimer, of Nancy Mitford’s bestseller about the madcap Radlett family, (based partly on her own life in the Mitford family) will rival any Netflix series! The attention to detail, the depiction of the times, the pace and enthusiasm in every scene makes this a must to watch. The Empty Box Company were delighted to see our Hat Boxes and Travel Box in a scene in a hotel in Paris, when Linda (Lily James) has been shopping, only to find her relatives have come to “rescue” her, when she is actually blissfuly happy in love, in Paris. It is especially exciting as the boxes were covered in our “Parisienne Stripe” design in Pink, and in Lilac!

So how many boxes did you see?! Watch the full series on BBC i player with particular attention to Episode 3 for our Empty Box fans!