Welcome Back to Weddings!

I am sure brides, grooms, and their families across the country are delighted that weddings can now be held with 30 guests present.

It has been such a lottery with wedding dates over the past 15 months, as to whether they have been allowed to go ahead, and many brides and grooms have had their lives on hold. Don’t give up! Still do that wonderful day, that is special and sacred to you both, remembered by everyone you love, and will keep you united through other tough times, even if it is a little different to what you imagined. The magic can still be there.

My daughter was able to marry on 12th September 2020. The date had always been set for then, and she kept to that date, despite all the uncertainty and wedding chaos crumbling around us. She married with 30 of her, and her groom’s closest friends and family around us. The hardest part, as many will have experienced, was telling the other guests that they could not come. The day was wonderful, and quite simply nearly perfect! Zoom did a marvellous job of involving those from afar and gave a more environmentally friendly option, as those who have far to travel can still be a part of it.

Perhaps this is the new way for the moment; embrace your wedding day whatever size it is, because it is the shared love that matters! There will be time for a bigger party on other occasions, and small can be extra special, with fewer expenses. Even if you have moved on with your life, have a small ceremony that marks your love & unites you with special memories to carry forward in the years that will come.

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