Hollywood Extreme Wedding Dress Box – Guest Post!

We’re delighted to bring this guest blog post from a recent bride, who purchased a Hollywood Extreme Wedding Dress Box after months of worrying about where/how to store her wedding dress!

From Rachel

“I received your Hollywood Extreme wedding dress box last Friday and I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the product and the service your company provided.

I got married in September 2018 and how and where to store my beautiful wedding dress caused me such anxiety for the last year and a half!!

I got it professionally cleaned and the dry cleaning company was meant to put it in a preservation box for me. But, they let me down at the last minute as they did not have any boxes big enough for my dress. I was left storing my dress in a dress bag which worried me as I know over time the chemicals from the plastic would discolour my dress.

I came across your website and I’m so glad that I did! The box came the whole way to Ireland in perfect condition, and was delivered to my door with no issues. The marble print I chose is stunning and the care and detail that went into it is outstanding and the instructions and more than enough acid free tissue paper.

The free birthday card box was such a nice touch and I was delighted to see I had been sent a matching marble print box!

I feel so much more relaxed and at ease knowing that my dress is packed away safely and Im so glad now that I invested in your gorgeous box and packed my dress away myself rather than got an unreliable dry cleaning company to do it!”

the empty box company real bride hollywood extreme wedding dress box


Rachel, our guest bride, had a Hollywood Extreme box in Marble Buff. This box is for very large wedding dresses, but for smaller a-line wedding dresses, try our Traditional Standard box. And for slim dresses without a petticoat, you might prefer our Prom or even Medium wedding dress boxes.

AND, receive a FREE birthday card box like Rachel did with orders over £150!

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