2020 Wedding Trends with The Empty Box Company

2020 is here, and the wedding trend reports are in full swing. As we operate within the wedding industry, we like to spend some time at the beginning of every year looking at the upcoming wedding trends. And – of course – seeing how our boxes fit in!

2020 Sustainable Weddings 

Sustainable weddings were a big thing last year, and they’re even bigger this year. We are thrilled to hear this!

If you’re familiar with our company ethos, you’ll know that we pride ourselves on being as eco-friendly & sustainable as possible. From sourcing our materials from within the UK, to using solar panels on our workshop barn, and having a strict recycling policy, we like to go above & beyond to protect our planet – even within the business world!

So, if sustainability is important to you, make sure you’re spending your money in the right places for your wedding this year!

Read more about our environmental policy here.


Previously seen as traditional and maybe even a little stuffy – not this year. Roses are back (in full bloom…) for 2020 weddings, but with a twist. Florists are becoming evermore creative and moving away from traditional tight bouquets and ordinary centrepieces. 

Are you having roses at your wedding? Our ‘English Rose’ design is perfect for the modern bride who enjoys her florals. 

Wedding Dresses

Ah, our favourite part of wedding planning – the dress! The trends for 2020 are two very opposing styles; simple & elegant dresses, in fabrics such as Mikado & Crepe. And to contrast, embroidered dresses (moving away from traditional lace or glitzy sparkle).

Whether you’re following the wedding dress trends this year, or going for something completely different… You’re going to need a beautiful box to protect, preserve, and store your dress in. After all, it’s the most important dress you’ll ever wear!

Trend Conclusions

Whilst there are many 2020 wedding trends we haven’t covered, the overall census is that weddings in 2020 are going to be different to any other year we’ve had so far. Couples are breaking away from the norm and wanting to ‘wow’ and impress their guests, without copying what someone else has already done.

If you’re getting married in 2020, we would love to hear from you! Tell us about your wedding and how many of the trends you are following! And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram