Top Ten Tips For Storing Your Wedding Dress After The Day

Imagine taking your wedding dress out to show your children and it is as perfect and white as the day you wore it? Giselle Hulme, director and founder of The Empty Box Company, has written ten top storage tips for keeping your dress perfect after the wedding for magazines, and also here on the website.

  1. Have your dress cleaned by a Dry Cleaner that specialises in cleaning wedding dresses. Even if you cannot see stains now, they do show up in time.
  2. Don’t just pop it back in the wardrobe, where it will get bumped and bashed about, and it will discolour within quite a short space of time!
  3. Remove your dress from a plastic dress cover (a cotton duvet cover is better temporarily) as a plastic dress cover will disintegrate in time and leave harmful particles on your dress.
  4. Purchase a pH neutral Wedding Dress Box in which to put your dress. A normal box will caused yellowing within months; the box also needs to be really sturdy to protect properly; and choose a box you love! The box and dress will be with you for many years!
  5. Pack the dress carefully with acid free tissue, placing it between the layers. The Empty Box Wedding Dress Boxes all come with tissue paper and with full packing instructions.
  6. Separate your dress from other items e.g. shoes, tiara, as these are all made of different materials that could affect your dress.
  7. Try not to put your dress in the attic, even in a box. Think of all the humidity changes, damp, insects….
  8. Keep the Wedding Dress Box in a dry spare room, away from light, heat and damp.
  9. Enjoy your dress! Take it out from time to time, as this helps any creases not become too permanent; try it on and remember that special day!
  10. After one of the most special days of your life, you have just your photos, your dress (and a gorgeous husband, of course!) but looking after them properly keeps those memories safe!

Top Ten Tips for Storing your Dress after the Wedding Day was written by Giselle Hulme, director of The Empty Box Company hand-making wedding dress boxes for 26 years. For any further details please do call our office 01306 740193 or email

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I have recently received my order from you, and would just like to thank you all so much for my wedding dress box. It was a surprise to see such a wonderful designed box, which had a lot of storage space. I have searched high and low for a large box and have only been successful with yourself.
Very rarely in this busy world we lead do I feel strongly enough to put “pen to paper” however having taken delivery of my wedding dress travel box this morning I feel compelled to write to you! I must admit that initially, I hesitated about placing an order for what seemed effectively like just an empty box. Well, I stand corrected! The box is absolutely stunning and of amazing quality – I simply had to express my thanks for supplying such a beautiful product. Rest assured it will be displayed with pride on top of my wardrobe.
Wow! What a beautiful box for my wedding dress. It was so sad to pack my dress away, but your box was just perfect. My Mum thought I was ordering just an ordinary plain box! No way! Thank you so much.
I just wanted to send a big thank you for my lovely wedding dress box, which I received last week. I am very impressed by the attention to detail – from the quality beautiful box itself, to the way in which it was packed to ensure it arrived in pristine condition. All for a very reasonable price! My dress fits perfectly inside and the box has pride of place in my wardrobe.
Just wanted to write and say how pleased I am with my Wedding Dress Box, my dress fits perfectly and the design (essence gold) is exactly in keeping with my wedding colour scheme. The dress box is so good, I’ve just ordered a tiara box to match!
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