“Empty Box” featured twice on Christmas Day Specials!

Two popular ITV series; Emmerdale and Downton Abbey, chose their Christmas Specials to feature beautiful boxes by the unique British company The Empty Box Company.

The Empty Box Company specialises in handmade beautiful boxes to preserve a wedding dress; the company knew each of the two ITV series’ had filmed with a selection of boxes but were surprised and delighted to see them on the screens, both in Christmas Day Specials!

Emmerdale had jilted bride Priya longingly taking her wedding dress from a beautiful Empty Box Company Wedding Box, and Downton Abbey had a stack of boxes containing the gorgeous outfits that Rose wears for her debutante ball and presentation to the King.

Marketing director Giselle Hulme said “ I was very relieved actually because Downton had bought 29 boxes from us and yet none appeared in the autumn series! Our last chance was the Christmas Special and sure enough, they were piled elegantly, in the hallway, containing all of Rose’s “coming out” dresses!

Emmerdale was due to be screened mid January but Christmas is a time for special things and they brought this one forward. The props department chose one floral Extra Large Box and a more sassy Endsleigh Gold design as a choice for the show designer; but the Emmerdale character, Priya, is definitely a sassier girl, that would go for gold! A perfect place for keeping her wedding dress!

The Empty Box Company has a workshop in Milton Abbot, near Tavistock and one in Surrey and has been making boxes for 26 years. They supply bridal shops across the country to help brides keep their dress properly after the day, plus Wedding Travel Boxes for taking a dress abroad. Giselle concludes “It has been wonderful to see the boxes on TV used in such apt settings.” For colour brochure or for trade details tel: 01306 740193.