New Travel Easy Wedding Box especially for EastJet flights!

East Jet are changing their Hand luggage dimensions on 2nd July 2013!

If you are getting married abroad and flying with Easyjet after 2nd July 2013, this might affect you, as the new dimensions of 40 x 50 x 20 are different from other airlines.

The Empty Box Company has a new size of Travel Box just out: The Travel Easy Box (40 x 50 x 20cm) designed with the new Easyjet hand luggage requirements in mind,  especially for a bride to transport her wedding dress abroad, and to take it through as hand luggage.

So brides can still travel happily with their dress safely protected and near to them, throughout their journey, with The Travel Easy!

If you think of  airplane travel and the hazards of lost luggage, potential bumps, spillage, squashing into overhead lockers & changes in humidity, it is important to take a wedding dress in a really sturdy and protective box, and to not put the dress in the hold, but take it as hand luggage.

The Travel Easy is built to survive the years to come as well as travelling, and will protect & preserve the wedding dress after the day, preventing discolouration.