Wedding Dress Boxes

Our wedding dress boxes are unlike any others you will find. They are stunning (please read our testimonials!) The papers and board are extremely durable and designed to last a lifetime. Other boxes can be flimsy, yet still just as expensive! You will find our boxes unique, stunningly beautiful and excellent value for money.

There are 3 main sizes of Wedding Dress Box according to the style of your dress:

The Medium, The Traditional Standard and The Extra Large Wedding Dress Box. We also have 2 new sizes for dresses with extreme volumes: The Hollywood Range.

The Traditional Standard Wedding Dress Box - £54.50


50 x 75 x 15 cm (deep)

Suitable for most styles of wedding dress that have up to 2 layers of net petticoat including those with long trains. Comes with 30 sheets of acid free tissue paper.

Shown in Primrose Hill Pink.

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The Medium Wedding Dress Box - £34.50


36 x 48 x 11 cm (deep)

Suitable for slender wedding dress (can have a small train), with no net petticoat. The dress will be folded twice to fit in this neat size box.

Comes with 15 sheets of acid free tissue paper.

Also suitable for fitted bridesmaid dress and first communion dresses.

Shown in Essence Vanilla

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The Extra Large Wedding Dress Box - £70.50


50 x 75 x 30 cm (deep)
Suitable for full skirted dresses with three or more layers of petticoat and train. Comes with 40 sheets of acid free tissue paper and cord carry in handles.
Shown in Antique Rose

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Unsure which size?

View our Frequently asked questions for help, plus below is an illustration of the style of dress that will fit in each size of Wedding Dress Box:

Example of dress style for The Medium

Example of dress style for The Traditional Standard

Example of the dress style for The Extra Large


The Hollywood Range: For exceptionally full dresses

The Hollywood Heights and The Hollywood Extreme Wedding Dress Boxes are for exceptionally large dresses, where the layers of petticoat and amount of fabric exceed what is usual for most styles of wedding dress. The Hollywood Range of boxes are made especially to order, and take quite some time and skill to make. They are non-returnable (unless faulty) so please ensure it is suitable for the dress style and that you have space to store the box! The volume of your dress can be misleading and usually, unless your dress is enormous, will fit in the Extra Large.

The Hollywood Heights Wedding Dress Box - £127.50


50 x 75 x 50 cm (deep)
For extremely full dresses; with extra height to allow for up to 10 layers of petticoat. It's volume is that of the Traditional Standard & Extra Large combined.
Shown in Endsleigh Gold

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The Hollywood Extreme Wedding Dress Box - £157.50


50 x 100 x 50 cm (deep)
In certain special cases a dress is so large that it requires a box with greater volume. For full dresses, with multiple layers of petticoat & fabric (in excess of 10 layers).

It has 2½ times the volume of the Extra Large.
Shown in Fougere Red

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Example of dress style for
The Hollywood Heights

Example of dress style for
The Hollywood Extreme

Traditional Standard shown in Richmond Trees Cream

Medium Wedding Dress Box

Medium Wedding Dress Box shown in Antique Gold with calligraphy (optional extra)

Extra Large Wedding Dress Box

Extra Large shown in Endsleigh Ivory with accessory boxes


All boxes are available in all designs.

All our boxes are:

- Made from specially milled pH neutral board
- Protects from light, dirt & dust
- Prevents the dress from yellowing & discolouration
- Extremely sturdy. Requires no assembly, ready to receive your dress.
- Allows the fabric of the dress to breathe
- Handmade in the UK with 20 years unrivalled experience.
- Created by, and original to The Empty Box Company.