Home and Hat Box Storage

The Underbed Storage Box - £47.90


50 x 75 x 15 cm (deep)
For summer/winter clothes, school uniform, bed-linen, toys. Available with separators (extra). Cord handle on side.
Shown in Seaside Stripe Pink

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Wardrobe Box - £44.00


35 x 55 x 20cm (high)

Ideal for seasonal clothes. With cord handles on the side and lace trim inside.

Shown with Shoe Box in Jubilee Square Sky Design

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Make-up Sorter Tray - £14.50


Tray :19 x 19cm  Box sections: 9 x 9 x 6cm (high)

Perfect for your dressing table to keep every day make-up handy, with little box sections for mascara, eyeshadows, and any make-up to hand every day.

Shown in Daisy Patch Lavender

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Make-up Tidy Box - £14.95


18 x 25 x 8.5 cm (high)

Perfect compliment to the sorter tray, for your dressing table, to keep extra make-up and face-creams in a gorgeous tidy box. Ribbon attached to lid and lace trim inside.

Shown in Daisy Patch Cornflower

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Hair Styling Box - £19.50


25 x 35 x 9 cm (high)

Collect up that array of brushes, straighteners, hair dryer and hair products and keep them all to hand in the Hair Styling Box. Ribbon from the lid with lace trim inside.

Shown in Sussex Orchid Design

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Sewing Box - £25.50


34 x 44.5 x 16cm (high)

To keep cottons, needles, all sewing or craft requirements with room for pieces of fabric, felt etc, featuring a lift out half width tray inside. Ribbon on lid.

Shown in Birds & Roses Design

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Hat and Gloves Box - £44.00


35 x 55 x 20 cm (high)

Gather up hats, gloves and scarves, ready for the cold weather, to keep in the hall in the Hat & Gloves box. Lid can be upturned and used as a shelf on top for easy to reach gloves. When winter is over the box & contents can be stored away till next season. Finished with ribbon to lid and cord handles on either end.

Shown in Strawberry Thief Navy Design

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Christmas Decorations Box - £38.50


36 x 47.5 x 32.5 cm (high)

A unique box for keeping Christmas decorations, it can also be filled with presents under the tree for Christmas, and can be used year after year! The Decorations Box comes with a shelf inside for 2 layers of baubles with plenty more room on top for tinsel. Also comes with cord handles and ribbon. On SPECIAL OFFER (usual price £42.50)

Shown in Jubilee Square Red


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Miniature Storage Box - £14.50


15 x 15 x 8cm (deep)
Good for storing items such as Buttons, coins, or sewing.
Shown in Sussex Turquoise

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Small Storage Box - £16.50


21 x 33 x 14 cm (deep)
Good for storing items such as letters, catalogues, collections, crafts, or sewing.
Shown in Babylon Turquoise

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Medium Storage Box - £31.50


26 x 36 x 28 cm (deep)
Ideal for mementoes, children's art, baby clothes.
Shown in Retro Turquoise

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Large Storage Box - £38.50


36 x 47.5 x 32.5 cm (max depth)
Perfect for storing Christmas decorations, vinyl record collections, children's clothes.
Shown in Sketchbook Turquoise

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All of the above storage boxes come with brass card holder/handle and 2-5 sheets of acid free tissue paper. Ribbon is optional @ £2.00 extra per box. Please request when ordering.

Hat Boxes

Romantic and unusual, The Empty Box Company has revived the beautiful  Edwardian Hat Box. 

Hat Box (Octagonal)
Small: 33 (diameter) x 19 cm
Shown in Cath Kidston Antique

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Midi: 40 (diameter) x 20 cm
Shown in Cath Kidston Sprig

buy £39.50

Large: 51 (diameter) x 21 cm
Shown in Cath Kidston Chintz

buy £47.90

Hat Box (Circular)Mini: 25 (diameter) x 19 cm
Shown in Sundae Stripe Aqua

buy £26.50

Small: 33 (diameter) x 23 cm
Show in Daisy Patch Aqua

buy £34.50

Midi: 40 (diameter) x 24 cm
Shown in Sundae Stripe Lilac

buy £40.50

Large: 51 (diameter) x 25 cm
Shown in Daisy Patch Lilac

buy £48.90

A box for every storage requirement, particularly items that require special safe keeping. The pH neutral board will help prevent yellowing of any papers or clothing. Any box is available in any design.
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